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Application of Slurry Pump in Coal Preparation Plant

Oct. 13, 2020

1. Mud Pump: pump the medium suspension (according to the specified density) in the bucket into the shallow tank heavy medium separator tank to separate the raw coal.

2. Crushed stone pump: Pump the dilute medium suspension in the dilute medium barrel to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and the concentrated liquid (medium) after magnetic separation is recovered into the mixed medium barrel.

3. Vortex pump: pump the slime water in the slime bucket into the cyclone of the slime thickener.

4. Horizontal pump: pump underground water to the diluted medium barrel.

5. Water pump: pump the clean water clarified in the thickener to the washing system, which is used to spray water to remove the medium, sieving and replenishing the system.

Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

6. Bottom flow pump: pump the water in the high-concentration coal slurry water thickening tank to the washing system of the coal slurry mixing tank.

7. Vertical Slurry Pump: pump the high-concentration coal slurry water into the filter press to realize the separation of coal slurry and water.

8. Filtrate pump: Circulate the filtrate processed by the filter press into the filtrate bucket and pump it to the concentration tank through the filtrate pump.

An ordinary medium-sized coal preparation plant will be equipped with dozens or even hundreds of slurry pumps to form a complete coal washing process.

How to choose a slurry pump in a coal preparation plant?

The medium used in the pump conveyor of the coal washing plant is mainly mineral slurry water or coal slurry with magnetite powder. Therefore, choosing a slurry pump in a coal preparation plant needs to understand the following points:

(1) Wear-resistant, durable and reliable features

(2) The shaft seal is reliable and there is no water seepage problem

(3) The chamber filter press has requirements for the Slurry Pump: when the chamber filter press starts to work, it must have a low lift and a large flow; in the middle and late stages of work, it must have a higher pump lift and a smaller total The flow rate, that is, the total flow rate of the curve and the higher the pump head is the steeper.