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Analyze the Causes of Mud Pump Failures and Troubleshooting Methods

Oct. 23, 2020

Mud Pumps are generally used in rural areas as river mud, manure, river water, slurry feed, suction and irrigation, instead of shouldering human burdens, and used for drainage and drought resistance. It can also be used for car front, river mud, and fertilizer production. It can also be used as a simple mobile fire-fighting pump in rural areas, and can also be used for fish farming to bring water to clear ponds and fish ponds to increase oxygen. It can also be used in municipal, chemical, printing and dyeing, medicine, shipbuilding, foundry, food and other industries to suck thick liquid, dirty liquid, paste, quicksand and flowing sludge from urban rivers, etc. It can be used as a coal mine to remove small gravels containing mud Fluid. If it is combined with a high-pressure water pump and a water gun to form a hydraulic mechanized earthwork unit, it can be used for excavation and transportation of land leveling, river courses, ponds, air defense, and underground projects.

Mud pump failure 1: pump does not absorb water

Reasons: insufficient filling and diversion of water, inability to discharge the air in the pump, air leakage in the suction pipe, large clearance between the front liner and the impeller

Solution: continue to fill the water diversion, check whether the pipeline is leaking, adjust the gap between the impeller and the front liner

Mud pump failure 2: slow pumping water

Reason: The gap between the front liner and the impeller is large, the outlet pipe cannot seal the air, and the exhaust is full

Solution: adjust the gap, adjust the outlet pipe, install the vacuum device

Mud pump failure 3: low pressure and flowh

Reason: there is air in the Pump, the gap between the impeller and the front liner is large, the clutch is not closed tightly, the impeller or the liner is worn

Solution: Evacuate the gas in the pump, adjust the clearance, adjust the clearance of the clutch friction plate, replace the impeller or liner

Mud Pumps

Mud Pumps

Mud pump failure 4: water pump vibration

Reason: pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) are not concentric, impeller is unbalanced, bearing is damaged

Solution: adjust concentricity, impeller for balance test, replace bearing

Mud pump failure 5: the impeller journal wears fast

Reasons: low head of the high-pressure water pump, misalignment of packing, misalignment of pump shaft and back cover

Solution: Replace the high pressure pump higher than the mud pump head, replace the packing, adjust the concentricity

Mud pump failure 6: Pump wears quickly

Reasons: poor construction environment (large particles), long conveying distance, long water inlet pipeline

Solution: Replace the battlefield, add afterburners, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation

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