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This product is widely used in city water supply and drainage, urban supply, circulating water cooling circulating water, chemical plants and other Industrial and mining enterprises and farmland irrigation and drainage water power poant and transport clear water without solid particles or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water.

clear water pump

Turbine pump, peripheral pump, clear water pump.

They are recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and liquids that are chemically non aggressive to the materialsfrom which the pump is made. for their reliability, simplicity of use and economy, they are Suitable for residential use and in particular for distributing water in combination with small pressure sets, for irrigating gardens.the pumps must be installed in enclosed places, or at least protected against inclement weather.

patented design has aluminum bracket with brass insert; reduces starting difficulties due to seizure of the impeller after long periods of inactivity.

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