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Slurry Pump

Generally, a pump suitable for conveying suspended solids in a liquid (water) is called a slurry pump. At present, it is one of the indispensable equipment in each technological process of beneficiation and coal preparation plants.

Type HS, AH and M pumps are cantilevered, horizontal,  slurry pumps. They are designed for handle abrasive, high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power plant, building material and other industrial departments. The pumps of this type also may be installed in multistage series.

The slurry pump adopts double shell structure, Double-pump casing-structure is safe and reliable.  Its outside pump-casing bears pressure, the inside pump-casing bears wear and abrasion. Meanwhile, double-pump casing structure can save cost and make easy maintain by just changing the worn internal parts.

The wet parts for type HS, AH and M pumps can be hard metal or rubber which can make service life longer and more stable. Customer can select material according to media and pipe layout. The installation size of pumps is the same as that of  Warman.

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