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G, GH Series Gravel Pump

Gravel Pump Structural Characteristics

G-type gravel pump is single-stage, cantilever and horizontal centrifugal structure. The impeller has wide flow, strong flow capacity and excellent cavitation performance. The single-shell clamp type connection structure can be installed at any angle according to the needs. 

G, GH Series Gravel Pump

The gravel pump adopts a single-shell pump structure connected by a cassette. Its flow parts are made of high chromium wear-resistant alloys. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, good cavitation performance, and wear resistance. Gravel pump applicable industries: dredgers for dredging, dredging rivers, blowing filling operations, metal smelting explosion slag transportation.

Gravel pumps performance range

Discharge range: 100 ~ 350mm

Flow range: 150~2880m3/h

Head range: 10 ~ 90m

Model meaning

About of gravel pumps

Because the particles are too large that the general slurry pump can not transport strong abrasive materials, the horizontal centrifugal gravel pump has appeared, which can complete the above-mentioned continuous transportation. It is suitable for dredging, absorbing gravel, dredging river channels, mining and metal smelting explosion slag transportation, etc.

Applicable working conditions

Widely used in blast furnace slag, alumina, subway shield, sand absorption, river dredging, especially suitable for conveying coarse particle medium or high-temperature slurry.

Sand pump bearing assembly

The cylindrical structure is used to facilitate the adjustment of the gap between the impeller and the pump body, and it can be removed as a whole during maintenance. The bearings are lubricated with grease.

Shaft seal form of centrifugal gravel pump

There are packing seals, impeller seals, and mechanical seals.

Transmission mode of gravel pump

Mainly include V-belt drive, elastic coupling drive, gear reducer drive, hydraulic coupling drive, variable frequency drive device, SCR speed control, etc.

Speed and operation of gravel slurry pumps

The use of multiple speeds and multiple variants allows the pump to run under optimal conditions. It has a long service life and high operating efficiency and can meet many types of harsh transportation conditions.

MAINTE gravel pump

The GH pump is a high-lift pump. In addition to G and GH gravel pumps, MAINTE also provides various desulfurization pumps and slurry pumps, etc. Contact us.

dredge pump work

The dredge pump contains a pump casing and an impeller. ... the impeller is considered the core of a dredge pump and is similar to a fan that forces out air creating a centrifugal suction force. at the suction pipe, this vacuum absorbs the slurry and transports the material through the discharge pipeline.

dredge pump features

modular design for ease of maintenance

large passage width designed to minimise internal velocities resulting in prolonged wear life

lifting points for easy maintenance

standard three vane large passage impellers to accommodate passing large particle sizes

single piece sleeve for stuffing box sealing, lowers stock holding and maintenance

segmented volute clamp ring allows casing rotation to any required position

casings fitted with inspection/flushing hole as optional extra

multi-purpose design allows for reduced inventory requirements and interchangeability

belt guards allows for ease of maintenance and inspection of belt condition.

G, GH Series Gravel Pump

G, GH series gravel pump basic parameters

G, GH Pump modelflowQ(m3/h)HeadH(m)Rotating speedn(r/min)EffectiVenessη(%)Must have NPSH margin(m)Discharge port diameter(mm)Suction port diameter(mm)

G, GH Series Gravel Pump