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The desulfurization pump is named according to the purpose of the pump. Because it transports slurry containing impurities, it belongs to the category of slurry pumps. The material of desulfurization pump accessories is more Special, excellent corrosion resistance, and high process requirements. Please purchase desulfurization pump manufacturers for purchase.

Series of type TLR and TL FGD pumps are single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump. They are mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances. It has such features: wide rang flowing capacity, high efficiency,  high saving power. This series of pump is matched by tight structure X bracket which can save much space. Meanwhile our company develops many kinds of material targeted on the pump for FGD.

Structure of Desulfurization Pumps

TLR desulfurization pump is a rubber sleeve and metal impeller structure. TL desulfurization pump is all metal structure. This kind of  pump adopts back pull-out structure. Keeping it easy construction and easy maintenance. It doesn’t need disassemble inlet and outlet pipeline.

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