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Rational Selection of Slurry Pump

May. 15, 2021

Slurry Pump Suppliers share with you about the selection of slurry pump, hope it will be helpful to you

1. Pump type selection

There are many types of centrifugal slurry pumps. Different types of pumps should be selected according to the characteristics of slurry. Take the slurry pump of Shiyi pump industry as an example, the high concentration strong wear slurry pump can choose AH pump; when the liquid level changes a lot, need to work under the invasive liquid, should choose SP pump; when need high head delivery, choose HH type slurry pump; if it is corrosive acid slurry pump, with DT

Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

2. Selection of performance parameters

After the type of pump is determined, the head and flow rate are the basis for selecting the size of the pump and whether to connect in series. High concentration of strong abrasive slurry transport, generally do not choose the pump's higher rpm nmax (a variety of higher rpm performance curve), choose the rpm in 3/4nmax or so is appropriate. The selected pump in 3/4nmax, the flow rate is appropriate and the head can not reach, can use more than one pump in series. For slurry pump, different slurry, the flow range should be limited; for high concentration and strong abrasive slurry, the flow should be in the range of 40-80% of the flow corresponding to the high efficiency of the pump; for low concentration abrasive slurry, the flow should be selected in the range of 40% of the flow corresponding to the high efficiency of the pump. In general, not selected in the range of -120% of the flow rate corresponding to the higher efficiency.

3. head margin

Slurry Pump in the process of operation, due to the wear and tear of flowing parts, the performance of the pump decreases continuously until finally can not meet the requirements. In order to make the pump can be in the rated working condition near long-term operation, usually in the selection of pump to increase a head margin. The general margin is 10% of the rated head.

4. material selection of overflow parts

Slurry pump overflow parts can choose more materials, should be based on the slurry in the transport chamber (particle composition, size, shape, hardness, concentration), chemical (acid, alkali, oil) characteristics and decide.

5. Selection of shaft seal type

Slurry pump mainly has shaft seal in the form of packing seal, sub impeller seal and mechanical seal. Sub-impeller seal is generally used for backfilling work, its top pipe pressure should be less than 10% of the pump outlet pressure, this type of shaft seal does not need shaft seal water, but the use of sub impeller seal down will increase power consumption, generally rated at about 5% power. Packing seal need to add shaft seal water, and ensure enough people and water, shaft seal water pressure is equal to the pump outlet pressure plus 35Kpa. mechanical seal need to add shaft seal water, good sealing, no leakage.

6. transmission mode

The transmission mode of slurry pump has V-type v-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear box transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency drive device, thyristor speed control, etc.. Among them, elastic coupling and V-v-belt are cheap, easy to disassemble and install, and should be used in preference, but V-v-belt will increase the power consumption by 5%.

7. Installation method

The slurry pump has various installation forms: CV drive, DCZ drive, CRZ drive and ZVZ drive.

8. Equipped with motor

When calculating the shaft power of the pump, the standard motor should have a certain power abundance factor, considering factors such as pump start and flow fluctuation. Generally speaking, the abundance system takes 1.1 - 1.2, high power takes a small value, low power takes a large value.

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