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6 Reasons and Solutions For The Unstable Flow of Slurry Pump

Dec. 15, 2020

1. The suction pipe or bottom valve leaks and the water inlet plug is blocked, which is a common cause of insufficient flow. We need to check the leakage source and insertion time of the suction pipe and bottom valve. Or clean the silt or blockage of the water inlet.

2. The low pressure results in low speed and insufficient flow of the Slurry Pump. At this time, the power supply voltage should be checked and adjusted in time.

3. The pipeline leaks or the air leaks in the pump. Exhaust the air in the pipe in time

Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

4. The abrasion of the seal ring or impeller will also cause unstable flow of the Heavy Duty Slurry Pump. The severely worn seal ring and impeller should be inspected and replaced in time.

5. The water inlet depth of the bottom valve is insufficient, causing some air to enter the pump when pumping. The depth of the bottom valve should be adjusted according to the suction stroke of the slurry pump.

6. If the slurry pump can still work normally after starting for a period of time, but the current is gradually reduced, the flow is obviously insufficient. After a period of normal operation after restarting, this problem still exists. Most of them are due to the accumulation of another kind of debris in the slurry or suction pipe, which leads to the cavitation of the slurry pump. In severe cases, noise will be emitted in the slurry pump and the pump head will vibrate obviously. At this time, the front pool and suction pipe should be cleaned thoroughly, reducing the length of the elbow below. Or add a stirring device to reduce mud settling.

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