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How To Choose The Right Slurry Pump?

Dec. 29, 2020

There is no doubt that the choice of matching pump is very important, and pumping mud, mud and other viscous liquid is not as easy as pumping water.

Depending on the type of mud, there are many variables that can affect the choice of mud pump that is appropriate for your application. What is the best slurry pump? There is no fixed answer, there is no ready answer, we need to combine experience, knowledge, different applications and other information to choose the ideal pump.

Many customers who are not familiar with slurry pump machines do not know what information the Slurry Pump Manufacturer needs to make the best effort to choose slurry pump. Let's discuss the information we need and how to narrow down our choices.

Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

Frequently asked questions (but we can't answer them)

1. I need a 30KW water pump. What is the best one?

2.I want to buy a submersible pump with a lift of 30m...

3. I want to buy 100 cubic meters of slurry pump per hour... .

4. I want to...

Why can't we answer these questions?

1. Slurry pump is different from other types of pumps. The same motor power can be matched with various types of pumps, so as to have different lift flow;

2. There are many kinds of pumps, with a head of 30m and a large flow difference;

3. There are also many Slurry Pumps with a flow rate of 100m3 / h, and the head may vary greatly.

What parameters are required to select slurry pump?

1. Required parameters: head, flow rate and industry, which are the parameters that must be known during the selection and are the basic conditions for calculating the selection of slurry pump;

2. In addition to the above parameters, if there are: mud concentration, pipeline, PH value, uniform height, natural temperature, mud temperature, etc., you can accurately choose a better Mud Pump.